Hull Minster at Trinity Square, Hull, UK

Here are some pictures of the bells and a brief history of the installation at Hull Minster. Please visit the church's website at to learn much more about this amazing place.

Bells at Hull Minster, formerly Holy Trinity

From 1648-1652 there was a ring of six bells cast by George Oldfield of Nottingham. In 1727 these bells were recast by Henry Penn of Peterborough into a ring of eight bells with a Tenor weighing 21 cwt (in E). Owing to the poor quality of some of the bells, recasting was necessary in 1747, 1759, and in 1802 the Tenor was increased in weight to 22cwt 0qrs 22lbs in E.

In 1899 the City Council and Church with the steeple keeper, Charles Jackson, had all the bells recast and added two new bells, a treble F♯ and a Tenor D, making a ring of ten bells.

In 1959 the old ring of 8 bells from St James Parish Church, Myton, Hessle Road was bought by Holy Trinity's steeple keeper. The 7th and the Tenor were used to augment the ring at Holy Trinity to 12 and the cost of recasting was met by the City Council to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of William Wilberforce.

The calling bells from St Barnabas and the Transfiguration Churches in Hull were bought by Holy Trinity's steeple keeper and used to cast the flat 6th bell in 1975. Holy Trinity's steeple keeper also gave the Top Treble bell for Holy Trinity in 1979 and the sharp 2nd bell in 1983 which were both cast from new metal.

All of the above bells from 1899 onwards were cast by bellfounders John Taylor and Co. of Loughborough.

The 16th Bell was named as the 'Lady' bell. Cast in Germany in 1910 for the Lutheran Church in Hull it was transferred to Holy Trinity in 2004.

On 13th May 2017 Holy Trinity was redesignated as Hull Minster.

The installation of bells at Hull Minster is one of the largest in the World.

The bell frame is of oak and dates from 1727.

The Bells of the Wilberforce Peal.

TrebleB40121979De La Pryme
4thG5021959De La Pole
6thE53261899De Crosse

Pictures of the bells in the belfry.

Pictures of the bells in the belfry at Hull Minster

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